Ceramic paella pan

On the stovetop or the grill, this pan will cook the perfect paella with a crisp socarrat worth arm wrestling over.


Approx. 12" x 15" x 2" x 4"

Paella / Roaster Pan

  • My cookware is made of clay formulated to be used in an oven or directly on a stovetop, barbeque, or campfire. Vesta cookware posesses all the heat retention benefits of cast iron without any need for seasoning. Its glazed surface is low stick and easy to clean. The pots will have a long life if allowed to cool before cleaning and are best maintained with hand washing. Please be mindful that your cookware is made of clay and may crack if subjected to extremely high heat, abuse, or misuse. Radiating a soulful glow, these pots will look as beautiful on the table as they do on the stovetop.